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Inflo empowers accounting firms with revolutionary computing intelligence.

Inflo is a cloud-based software application which extracts transaction-level financial information from an organisation’s accounting system, leveraging this data to automate the compliance services accounting firms provide and help them deliver more valuable advice to their clients.

You don’t need to be a data expert to use Inflo — everything you need is presented in intuitive dashboards.

Fully compatible

Inflo can ingest data from 100% of client accounting systems and be seamlessly integrated with existing methodologies, processes, and software in accounting firms.

Intuitive visualisations

Intuitive dashboards visualise every client transaction, making it easy for you to spot unusual trends that could have slipped under the radar and benchmark clients against their peers.

Real-time insights

Inflo works in real time, which means you can pass insights on to your clients while they’re relevant, not months down the line.

Revolutionary intelligence

Next-generation computing intelligence takes the busy-work out of accounting, freeing you up to use your expertise to add value to your clients.

Make sure you don’t miss out on the chance to speak to the experts at Inflo Software at our event on 11th June 2019.

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