Klyant: a next generation app for law firms and estate agents

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Klyant Legal & Property Accounting Software is a next generation cloud-based application for law firms, estate agents and property managers.

John Gilmartin the CEO at Kylant gives more of an insight into their product…

Since its inception in 2000, the company has grown to become the market leading provider of accounting software to the legal industry in Ireland. We entered the UK market in 2017 and are making fast progress on our journey to become the accounting application of choice for law firms and property businesses here.

We commenced designing and developing a new bespoke web-based application for the legal and property sectors in early 2015. The application launched in March 2016. With so much innovation taking place in accounting tech from companies such as Xero and QuickBooks, we felt the legal and property industries were being left behind as these systems are not designed to manage client money out of the box.

With the development of Klyant, we are passionate about serving two markets crying out for an innovative accounting application that takes care of the industry-specific needs. These two sectors are required by way of regulation to manage client money and as such require bespoke accounting software to do so efficiently. The majority of solutions on the market today offer either desktop applications or cloud-hosted desktop applications. Thus users are restricted to integrations between their accounting systems and dated desktop CRM systems.

We now integrate with Clio Practice Management Software, the world’s most widely used legal practice management solution and will soon announce an integration with a property CRM solution.

To find out more please check out our explainer video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uEmw-qqh5WI or visit www.klyant.com

For more information please contact Stuart Hurst on s.hurst@uhy-uk.com or please give him a call on 0161 236 6936.





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