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We are delighted to announce that Unleashed Software are exhibiting at our event on 11th June 2019. Bigger, Better, Faster: How technology can revoutionise your business.

 Vicky Nicholls the Marketing Executive from Unleashed shares more of an insight into their product…

Founded in 2009 by Greg Murphy, Unleashed Software is a SaaS company based in New Zealand.

Traditionally, businesses used spreadsheets or disparate software to manage their inventory; other inventory management tools were expensive and inflexible. This means that businesses were mismanaging their stock or not getting the visibility they need over their products and costs.

This created a gap in the market for businesses looking for a better way to manage their stock-based business — this is where Unleashed comes in.

Operating within the mid-tier of the software solutions market, we provide a powerful cloud-based SaaS product for growing businesses who drive value from inventory acquisition, management and optimisation. Since our inception, we have grown to provide software via direct and partner sales channels to over 3000 customers in over 80 countries. Of these, our main markets are in Australia, New Zealand, USA and the UK.

With the move to cloud apps, the category we operate in has become increasingly competitive. To differentiate ourselves, we focus on the aspects that drive the most value for customers: leveraged inventory data, award-winning customer service, and integrations.


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