Employing millennials

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Millennials are taking over today’s workforce and, as of this year, they will be the largest generation in the UK workforce. In fact, the study found that 28% of millennial workers are already at management level.

Unfortunately, even though a lot of hiring professionals believe millennials bring a unique set of skills to the workplace, and are more technically adept than prior generations, the majority report difficulty in finding and retaining millennial talent.

This unique generation of workers requires an equally unique recruiting strategy. Here are five need-to-know millennial recruiting techniques;

  • Sense of purpose – Demonstrate how a millennial can make a significant contribution to the company. As a millennial myself, I can speak on behalf of others that we prefer a job with purpose or even social impact. While a well-paid job is definitely appealing, it is not something that will keep us occupied for longer than one or two years.
  • Opportunity for growth – Offer training, certifications and allow staff to attend events such as Xerocon. This will show that the company is interested in the personal development of their staff as individuals and not just interested in their billable time on the job.
  • Company Culture – A good reputation and word of mouth are the best ways to attract and retain millennial talent. Work with your current staff to improve your company culture and make it appealing. Millennials are prepared to give 100% at the office, as long as they have ample time to devote to projects related to their passions and to spend time with the people who matter to them.
  • Help build their personal brand – Make sure there is an opportunity to be invested and impactful within the organisation, whether you’re an intern or a director. Also, make sure there are opportunities for each team member to build a personal brand and grow professionally inside and outside of the office. These sort of company values shine through on your website and social media, so there’s no selling it or faking it.
  • Keep things fresh and new – Switch up the layout of the office every year or so to give the room a completely new feel! Right now, our offices have a cool, aesthetic edge as everyone is separated by bookshelves, but still able to mingle with one another. Millennials don’t want to just come into an office and work for a company that is going to be completely stagnant. They want to see things in a state of change. It’s almost like they really do want to work for a new company every two years.

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