UHY’s Xero Tips and Tricks

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Welcome to our fourth edition of UHY’s Xero Tips and Tricks.

Xero is continually improving and evolving in order to meet the needs of its users and we want to keep you up to date with these changes to ensure you are getting the best use out of the software. Every quarter we keep you up to date with what is new in the world of Xero.

IOS & Android Mobile updates: 

• Include quote attachments: Attachments can now be added to your quote when sending it via the Xero Accounting app on your mobile.

• Contact address lookup: When you start typing a physical address in contacts, the app will use Google Maps to find the location and provide a list of suggestions.


  • Xero App Store: Xero have reimagined their App Marketplace making it easier for you to discover and use the best apps for your business. Many free trials and App purchases can be made directly through the Xero App Store using a single, secure Xero login. Managing app subscriptions is made simple with all your subscriptions being shown in one place. Enhanced search capabilities, personalised recommendations and prominently displayed App reviews are a few more ways Xero help you discover the best app for your business.                                                                   


• Business snapshot:

  • You now have the option to choose the accounting basis (either cash or accruals) for calculations on the business snapshot dashboard.

• Packing slips:

  • A basic packing slip, itemising goods being sent to customers, can be printed directly from awaiting payment or paid invoices in new invoicing.

• Bank reconciliation – Auto-suggest bank transfers:

  • Xero now remembers previously reconciled bank transfers and auto-suggests a transfer with the same details. All you have to do is click OK.

• Hubdoc:

  • Default due dates: Default due dates can now be set for documents uploaded for a specific supplier or automated account.

• GoCardless – Receive payments in multiple currencies:

  • Xero’s new GoCardless integration now allows you to set up payment accounts in multiple currencies.

• Income and Expenses by Contact report:

  • The ‘Income by Contact’ and ‘Expense by Contact’ reports have been consolidated into a single report. The combined report shows you a snapshot of each contact based on the income and expense transactions for a chosen period. The report also offers a filter to view income and expense information separately.

• Favourite all reports:

  • All reports in Xero can now be marked as favourite, giving you speedy one- click access to your most used reports in the Business menu.

• Re-order Columns:

  • All new reports now allow you to re-arrange the layout of the columns.

• Account Transaction report:

  • The following updates have been made to the Accounts Transaction report:
    • All settings are now accessed at the top of the report
    • No accounts are selected by default
    • Highlight user entered FX rates
    • Redesigned foreign exchange rate disclosures.

• Follow report date range:

  • This new setting allows you to update your report figures based on whatever date range is selected in the date range picker when in View Mode, without having to edit the layout to adjust the date range.

Additional Learning:

• To catch up on any updates from Xero, click here. The small business updates are around 45 minutes long and are a great way to catch up on new releases in Xero from the last 3 months and learn some great tips and tricks to use Xero in your business more efficiently.

For more information, get in touch with Ali Netherwood at a.netherwood@uhy-uk.com or your usual UHY adviser.

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