Xeroconclude of 2019

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Xerocon is one of the highlights of the year for me and this year’s event was no different. Some refer to Xerocon as the Glastonbury for accountants – I’m not sure I’d take it quite that far but I can certainly understand the analogy. Xerocon for us is about building a community so we can expand our vision and collaborate to help our current and future clients prosper. This year’s theme was ‘Communities of Purpose’ and this very much fits with the UHY way.

To elaborate, here are some of my best bits from Xerocon:

The event included keynotes from inspirational leaders with an important purpose – ‘standing up for small businesses’.

In these uncertain times across the UK, small businesses turn to their trusted advisor for support and guidance. With cloud adoption and AI learning, the world of accountancy is changing so rapidly and we can provide invaluable insights to our clients in real time using Xero and the Xero Ecosystem.

‘I love keeping receipts’, said no one ever!

Receipt Bank have come a long way in developing their app which saves so much time. No more manual entry of bills and receipts. . Scan your receipt/invoice and Receipt Bank will store your receipt data securely within the cloud. With the quick and accurate data extraction, the information will be seamlessly transferred to Xero with a click of a button.

Wow, Xavier, what a time saver this can be!

An innovative bit of software that will take out all of the timely reviews to provide a health check on your Xero account to crystallise important data-driven insights but it will also identify any potential mistakes to help clean up your Xero account.

Who enjoys preparing a BACS file? This will soon be no more!

Transferwise will be replacing the time consuming payments set up and you will be able to process payments within Xero. This will be released within the New Year.

Cash Flows are the epitome of keeping businesses afloat.

The Float app can help with just that and to help with accurate data, the seamless direct feed into Xero will present your company’s real-time numbers enabling more confident figures. The stats of companies going down due to poor cash flow is as high as 82%.

Xerocon 2019 was quite an event and my head is still spinning from all the new developments in cloud accounting and AI. Dare I say it……it’s a very exciting time to be an accountant right now!

If you would like to find out more on how cloud accounting can enhance your business then please feel free to email me at e.deakin@uhy-uk.com or contact us using the details below.

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