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Tech start-up data overload

"We've outgrown our current systems"

Caytoo are a new tech start-up working on a sports branding and sponsorship platform.

They started forecasting from the beginning in Excel, like many start-ups, but now want a way to:

  • manage the day-to-day financials
  • compare actuals to budgets
  • not get bogged down in time consuming data input.

The UHY cloud team were brought in to handle processing and to provide management information.

We put a number of systems and processes in place to save Caytoo time, money and headspace.

These systems:

  • allow Caytoo to take photos of expenses within an app – the information is made available to us at UHY and we handle the rest of the expenses process
  • process bank transactions automatically and review expenditure
  • prepare valuable up-to-date management information enabling us to meet virtually on a monthly basis to discuss actuals versus budgets.

Caytoo now has vital up-to-date information on their business, enabling them to make informed and important decisions quickly and stay agile in a fast-paced business environment.

The management pack is set up to evolve as the client continues to grow and achieve further success.


IT company long term future risk

"Minimum wages increases are swallowing our profits"

An IT company had seen its profit eradicated by the increase and changes to minimum wages.

  • The long-term viability of the company was at stake
  • a review of pricing structure and impact on profit was required.

Using cloud based software, we reviewed real time data in Crunchboards (a bolt-on application) to create various ‘what if’ scenarios.

This allowed our team to manipulate changes in pricing and demand, and then analyse the results.

The forecasting gave the owners peace of mind that their decisions were based on business intelligence.

The results could be monitored against our forecasts, so further action could be taken if necessary.

The client performed ahead of budget and returned to profit as a result of more informed decisions.


Restaurant with a backlog

"We've breached the VAT threshold, what do we do?"

Having just broken the VAT threshold, a client in the restaurant business was finding managing their records increasingly stressful. The client:

  • had a large volume of purchase invoices to process
  • required significant time and resources to summarise financial information needed to establish VAT payable
  • was experiencing sleepless nights as a result of the administrative and financial burden.

Using cloud based software, we we able to remove the pain and hassle at an affordable price. The software chosen allows us to snap pictures of the invoices, completely removing the need for someone to sit and manually type them up into an accounts package, resulting in huge time savings.

We processed over 1,700 invoices in 12 hours for our client.

Cloud accounting for construction

Construction company conversion

"Our systems are too old and clunky"

Love Build, a construction company, was stuck with old systems that could not update and they didn’t know what to choose:

  • Previously on desktop software
  • Managing costs by site was time consuming
  • Delays in processing invoices
  • All work had to be carried out while in the office.

We undertook a full review of the current systems and the future requirements for Love Build.

Our cloud accounting experts recommended the perfect software specific to their business and made the conversion as seamless and painless as possible for our client.

We then provided training and support to the Love Build team so they could make the most of their new systems.

Love Build can now scan purchase invoices directly into the system where they are automatically coded

Their software is accessible from anywhere making managing the numbers much easier.

Project reporting is now a much smoother and efficient process​, giving Love Build up-to-date management information.