Virtual credit control

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Virtual Credit Control

Introducing our brand-new Virtual Credit Control Service that will free you from your late payment problems.

Getting invoices paid on time is a major issue faced by the majority of businesses that sell on payment terms. Invoice chasing is time-consuming and stressful, while late invoices stifle the growth and success of businesses.

Over £225 billion is owed to SMEs in Britain in late payments, are you part of this figure?

Businesses that sell on payment terms face the constant risk of liquidity issues and invoice chasing is responsible. Collecting invoices that are late costs SMEs money and time, both of which could be better invested in other areas of your business.

Our professional Virtual Credit Control Service will rid you of the burden of manual credit control, saving you the time that you would usually dedicate to invoice chasing. But more than this, by outsourcing your credit control to us, your invoices will be paid on time through both email and phone chasing, providing a cash flow boost to your company.

This is all done with your business in mind. That’s why you will have full visibility of every communication, which is logged within an easily accessible CRM (conversation tracker).

What’s included in our Virtual Credit Control Service?

  • Email invoice chasing and responses on your behalf
  • Customised templates and schedules to fit your tone of voice
  • Full access to the CRM (conversation tracker) so you can track progress and have complete peace of mind and transparency
  • Phone calls
  • Regular reports and updates on debtors

Next steps

If you are interested in our Virtual Credit Control Service then please contact Stuart Hurst today on either 0161 236 6936 or via email on



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